Leading to make life better.

About Centurion

Core Values

  • Love Your Neighbor

    We at Centurion believe that desiring to improve the health of others starts with compassion. Compassion starts with caring for the individual and their needs. We show compassion in our interactions with patients, healthcare workers, and anyone who comes into our office.
  • Work Hard

    Good work is always worth it but is often difficult. Centurion works to find solutions to problems that face many people in our lives and communities. Our day-to-day includes working hard to reach out to, serve, and problem-solve for doctors and pharmacies so that our products can change lives.
  • Find A Way

    The great thing about doing things differently is the opportunity for possibility. At Centurion, we strive to find creative solutions to life’s challenges. Don’t just acknowledge problems; use your energy to solve them.
  • Be Positive

    Positivity is important in every facet of Centurion, from communication to overcoming problems. We strive to have positivity in even the hardest of times, because positivity inspires us to persevere. Acknowledge the bad times, but focus on the good.
  • Be Prepared/Inquisitive

    Asking good questions, foreseeing challenges, and working in advance builds a strong culture that can stick together when hard times come. We work to always be prepared for the needs of anyone that we encounter, including doctors and pharmacies.
  • Sense of Humor

    Humor is more than just laughter. Humor adds a much-needed perspective to any situation or circumstance. We value every light-hearted conversation and funny story we get to share with our patients and coworkers.
  • Take Ownership

    Success and failure are what you make of them. Taking responsibility is the first step into success, and it can turn failure into a learning opportunity. Centurion learns from each day, making new practices out of lived experiences.
  • Honor Commitments

    Dedication starts with the small things. From small orders to big charity contributions, we’re committed to providing the world with the best products in the best way. Responsibility is a key part of honoring commitments, including admitting when a commitment cannot be followed through.
  • Be Honest

    We believe that nothing is gained from not telling the truth. Being honest can be hard, but it’s what separates trustworthy companies from those that are not. We are honest in all our product descriptions, marketing, and other communications with all of our partners. Our workers are also challenged to be honest with themselves and ask themselves the hard questions about their work, attitude, and actions.
  • Purpose Driven

    Everything we do at Centurion has purpose. We’re inspired to work because of the difference we know our products make. We know life can be made better and that it can start with what we do. This is why we get up in the morning and what drives our motivation.

Our Impact