Bump DHA is a prenatal and postnatal vitamin supplement that uses the best ingredients to support your pregnancy at every stage. In a small softgel vitamin, you’ll get 10 of the most-needed nutrients that help keep both mom and baby healthy. Bump DHA has taken out the guesswork by including the types of vitamins your body can use best and in the right amounts.


Bump DHA is made in the USA from our trusted manufacturers.


Order online and we’ll ship Bump DHA directly to you. No prescription, no shopping, no pickup.


You deserve to know what’s going into your body. You’ll get the best ingredients that directly support you and your baby’s health. There are no unnecessary additives or missing elements to our pharmaceutical-grade vitamins.


Folic acid, a man-made ingredient commonly found in prenatal supplements, can actually be detrimental to mothers and babies. Bump DHA uses natural folate instead, which develops the DNA and red blood cells that your baby needs.


B-2, or riboflavin, contributes to your baby’s bone, muscle, and nerve development. Bump DHA includes B-2 in order to process folate and B-6 and ensure proper nutrition for both mother and baby.


B-6 helps mothers overcome morning sickness and babies develop a healthy, fully-developed brain. Because some women can’t process either the broken-down form or the unprocessed form of B-6, Bump DHA includes both to ensure you get what you need.


B-12 has been found in some studies to reduce gene mutations, especially NTDs (Neural Tube Defects, or birth defects in the brain or spine). Bump DHA includes B-12 in optimal amounts so that mothers and babies can use the nutrients effectively.


The presence of iron prevents anemia, but not all iron ingredients are made alike. That’s why Bump DHA uses the gentlest form of iron for your stomach, which also helps to reduce constipation.


Iodine helps expecting moms level mood swings that are caused by pregnancy’s ebb and flow of hormones. At the same time, it’ll help mothers’ energy levels and contribute to babies’ brain and nervous system development.


Bump DHA uses NADH (or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Hydride) to help your body while it’s working overtime. NADH helps improve an expecting mother’s energy, mood, and cognitive functioning, and it’s also been linked to reduced birth defects.


Your baby’s cells are reproducing at a remarkably rapid pace. The zinc in Bump DHA is the most stable version on the market and aids baby’s cell divide and DNA function.


Chromium isn’t produced by the body, but studies have shown that it can restore energy levels by improving blood sugar, decreasing body fat, and mitigating depression.


Magnesium can increase a baby’s birth weight and reduce a mother’s chance of developing preeclampsia (a condition that affects the liver and kidneys in the weeks following pregnancy). Bump DHA includes healthy levels of magnesium to help your body function correctly during pregnancy.

Bump DHA Test Pack:

Bump DHA is here for the whole pregnancy journey, from healthy beginnings to a happy postpartum. That’s why we’ve made the Bump DHA Test Pack. The Bump DHA Test Pack is great for those trying to get pregnant or better understand their cycle. The pack includes 3 pregnancy tests and 7 ovulation tests, colored separately for ease of use and complete with detailed and easy-to-follow instructions.


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"I have been so thankful for your product for almost the past 2 years now. I have MTHFR and the Bump DHA did wonders through my last pregnancy and gave me energy I never saw in any of my other pregnancies."


"Great vitamins! Easy to swallow and no taste! I use it along with chemotherapy drugs because I need the folate. I am also a doula and highly recommend these for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. It's the only supplement you'll need. I texted the word BUMP to 474747 and ordered easily."