Doctor created prenatal vitamin for a healthy pregnancy. Doctor recommended for a healthy mom and a healthy baby.

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Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients

Bump DHA contains only the essential ingredients needed to improve pregnancy outcomes. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Bump DHA has enough for you to be a HEALTHY MOM and have a HEALTHY BABY.


Click on each ingredient below to learn more.


Whether you have MTHFR (studies suggest over 40 – 60% of us do), which has been linked to several issues in pregnancy, or you are worried about your baby developing allergies because of folic acid (folic acid has been linked to allergies in kids whose mom took folic acid during pregnancy) or you just want to be sure your body is developing the DNA and red blood cells your baby needs. We have you covered for you to be a Healthy Mom and have a Healthy BABY, by having the two most nutritionally active forms, at optimal levels, of folate (what you need to lower the rate of neural tube defects): L-methylfolate and folinic acid. 


Having the correct forms of folate is crucial you to be a HEALTHY MOM and have a HEALTHY BABY but by itself it is not enough . . .

Vitamin B-2

  • A necessary nutrient for your baby’s bone, muscle and nerve development. In addition, vitamin B-2 helps your body convert folate and vitamin B6 to their active forms which are keys to producing DNA and red blood cells. Bump DHA uses the most nutritionally active form of riboflavin at its optimal level- riboflavin-5-phosphate (R5P), to help insure the best nutritional outcome possible.  

  • Having the correct form of vitamin B-2 (riboflavin) is important for you to be a HEALTHY MOM and have a HEALTHY BABY but by itself it is not enough . . .

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B-6 Is essential for you to be a Health Mom and have a Healthy Baby by preventing morning sickness, developing your little one’s brain, and increasing red blood cell and DNA production (which is happening at one of the highest rates in your and your baby’s life.) That is why we use only the most nutritionally active forms of vitamin B6, at the optimal levels, to overcome certain genetic mutations and assist in over 56 B6 enzyme dependent functions: pyridoxal 5’ phosphate and pyridoxine. 


Having the correct forms of B6 are important for you to be a HEALTHY MOM and have a HEALTHY BABY but by itself it is not enough . . .


Vitamin B-12

  • Bump contains the most bio-active forms, at optimal levels, of vitamin B-12 available: methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. These two forms are crucial for you to help develop red blood cells, for you and your baby, as well as produce DNA, which is happening at a lightning pace in your baby. These forms are even more critical if you suffer from gene mutations such as MTHFR, MTRR, or MTR (some believe over 70% of us suffer from one of these 3 mutations).

  • Having the correct forms of B12 is critical for you to be a HEALTHY MOM and have a HEALTHY BABY but by itself it is not enough . . .


  • An absolute necessity for your body to build red blood cells and prevent anemia. The form of iron in Bump DHA, carbonyl iron, is the safest, most gentle type of iron for your stomach, as well as the form with the most elemental iron available. This means you can take Bump DHA anytime of the day with 3 to 5 times smaller doses than other forms to achieve the same effect while remaining gentle on your stomach.  

  • Having the correct form of iron is important for you to be a HEALTHY MOM and have a HEALTHY BABY but by itself it is not enough . . .


  • Pregnancy is a time when your hormones will be fluctuating a great deal. Thyroid hormones such as: TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone), hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) and estrogen are increasing and decreasing throughout pregnancy, play a role in regulating the metabolism of every cell in your body and are assisted in this process through iodine at the optimal level your body needs. Iodine helps level your mood swings, energy levels and is essential in developing your baby’s brain and nervous system.  

  • Having the correct form of iodine is important for you to be a HEALTHY MOM and have a HEALTHY BABY but by itself it is not enough . . .


  • Zinc is an essential mineral that assists in the tremendous cell growth that is taking place in your body and in the production and function of DNA in your baby. The form of zinc in Bump DHA is zinc bi-glycinate chelate which is the most stable and bioavailable form of zinc on the market in order to help insure a healthy pregnancy.

  • Having the correct form of zinc is important for you to be a HEALTHY MOM and have a HEALTHY BABY but by itself it is not enough . . .


  • Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Hydride (NADH) can help improve your energy levels, mood and cognitive function which is needed while your body is working overtime during pregnancy. In addition, there are studies that suggest NADH may play a role in reducing birth defects in your baby, especially if you have a gene mutation in NAD related genes.  

  • Having the correct form of NADH is important for you to be a HEALTHY MOM and have a HEALTHY BABY but by itself it is not enough . . .


  • DHA is the most important omega-3 for pregnancy because it is critical for your baby’s brain, nervous system and eye (retina) development. Studies have also shown if you take DHA your baby is more likely to have a healthier immune function. DHA has also been shown in studies that it can help support a healthier mood and well being for you during pregnancy and the postpartum period. However, it is important to get DHA that is highly purified and free of environmental toxins. Bump DHA uses a highly purified form of DHA to help bring the most benefit with the greatest peace of mind.  

  • Having the correct form of omega fatty acid is important for you to be a HEALTHY MOM and have a HEALTHY BABY but by itself it is not enough . . .


  • Studies have shown that Magnesium helps reduce your chance of developing pre-eclampsia. In addition, Magnesium works hand in hand with vitamin B6 to help your body function correctly during pregnancy.

  • This essential mineral also helps limit constipation and has been shown in studies to increase your baby's birthweight.

  • Having the correct form of magnesium is important for you to be a HEALTHY MOM and have a HEALTHY BABY but by itself it is not enough . . .

Small Softgel

Powerful ingredients packed into a small softgel for stress free use.


Order online and we pay to ship Bump DHA directly to your door step.

"Bump DHA is like a prenatal on steriods. I love this product and have recommended it to other moms looking to get pregnant!"


- Kristina


"Even though it ended up being a chemical pregnancy, I still had my first pregnancy in 3 years of trying thanks to the help of Bump. I am so grateful that a company makes it possible for dreams to come true. I know that because of them I will have children one day"


- Rachel


"I have continued taking it through nursing, weaning, and continued since postpartum because your product works so wonderful for me and boosting my energy."


- Ashley


Customer Reviews

"I have been so thankful for your product for almost the past 2 years now. I have MTFHR and the Bump DHA did wonders through my last pregnancy and gave me energy I never saw in any of my other pregnancies."


- Ashley 


"I am so glad I was given Bump DHA! My baby boy might not be alive today if it wasn't for this vitamin!"


"After 6 miscarriages I was able to have 2 healthy babies with the help of BUMP!!! I am forever grateful!


- Stacy


"Bump DHA is a new resource that is very important. I have found that patients tolerate it well and it a great addition that will greatly benefit our patients."


- Richard Rushing, MD


"Yes, I loved them! I took Bump DHA throughout my entire pregnancy!"



""YES!! Bump DHA is wonderful!! Thank you so much!


- Kasey

"I love Bump DHA! I took it during my last two pregnancies and wish I would've known about Bump DHA for my first pregnancy!


- Amy

"It has been sooo easy not having to remember to go out and buy it and forget and get behind haha. I never experienced any sickness after taking the pill and my doctor has said everything looks perfect for us. I am very happy and satisfied."


- Jackie

"I love my BUMP prenatal vitamins! I take them along with other herbs and I definitely think they are very helpful especially building a healthy immune and restoring my ovarian reserve..Lord willing I can conceive soon because its almost been a year that I've been on them.


- Ravin

"Great vitamins! Easy to swallow and no taste! I use it along with chemotherapy drugs because I need the folate. I am also a doula and highly recommend these for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. It's the only supplement you'll need. I texted the word BUMP to 474747 and ordered easily."


- Elisha

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Physician Testimonials

Questions? We've got you covered!

Active Ingredient List

Are all prenatal vitamins the same?

“Prescription multivitamins should contain at least 100% of the requirement for three key nutrients: folic acid, vitamin B12, and iron. It is nearly impossible to meet these needs through diet alone... One important difference among prenatal vitamins is the source of folic acid. Taking the bioavailable form of any nutrient guarantees that adequate amounts are being provided...supplementation with L-methylfolate may be the best option to avoid blood folate deficiencies.”6 - Reviews in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Dr. Stacey Bell

What makes Bump DHA a better choice than another prenatal vitamin?

Unlike most prenatals, BumP DHA is all-natural. It was designed by an OBGYN specialist (MFM) to give the exact ingredients in the specific amount and forms needed to provide the best outcomes for both healthy and high risk pregnancies.

When should I start taking Bump DHA?

It is always recommended to take a prenatal as early as three months before getting pregnant. If pregnant, it is encouraged to begin taking a prenatal as early in the pregnancy as possible. You should continue taking BumP DHA 3-6 months after delivery.

Does Bump DHA work for both normal and high risk pregnancies?

Whether your pregnancy is considered normal or high risk, the goal of every pregnancy is the same- produce more red blood cells and DNA synthesis. BumP DHA was designed in order to achieve these goals while minimizing side effects by using bioavailable and natural ingredients.

How do I get Bump DHA?

Order now and relax. We will ship it to you!

Is Folic Acid an ingredient in Bump DHA?

Bump DHA has the natural forms of folate: L-methylfolate and folinic acid as opposed to the synthetic form, folic acid, which was created in 1968. The forms Bump DHA has will by-pass any genetic polymorphisms someone may have (MTHFR) and are not linked to allergies in kids, unlike folic acid.

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