Wee Care - Iron Supplement

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Features & Benefits

Carbonyl Iron


No reported deaths from poisoning

Once a Day Dosing

Increased compliance


Liquid Supplementation

Easy to administer

With or Without Food

Most iron has to be taken an hour before meals or two hours after

Alcohol/Sugar/Dye Free

Safe for children or those suffering from alcoholism

Great option for diabetics

Will not stain teeth

No allergic reactions

Questions? We've got you covered!

Can I take Wee Care with food?

Yes, unlike other irons that need to be taken an hour prior to eating or 2 hours after eating because they clump with food which prevents iron absorption, Wee Care can be taken with food.

What is the difference between the form of iron in Wee Care and the other forms of iron?

There are many differences but a few are listed below:
i. safety: Accidental iron overdose is the number one cause of poisoning
deaths in kids under 6, but there has never been a death associated
with the form of iron in Wee Care.
ii. once a day dosing
iii. gentler on the stomach
iv. it can be taken with food

Why do I only have to take Wee Care once a day while other iron products are taken 3 or more times per day?

Wee Care contains a form of iron that breaks down over time. This allows for a more efficient and complete absorption.

Is Wee Care safe for kids and the elderly?

Yes, Wee Care has the safest form of iron available today and if recommended by your practitioner is an excellent option for both young and old.

How does Wee Care taste?

Wee Care is wild cherry flavor and we believe it is the best tasting iron supplement on the market. However, it is iron and can have a slight metallic

Is Wee Care expensive or covered by my insurance?

Wee Care is covered by some insurance plans but we have found the most
economical option is to ask for the cash price.
b. Depending on your dose the daily price can range between 30 cents (normal
dose for children) and 2 dollars (highest possible daily dose for adults, typically
only short duration until back to normal iron store levels in the body).

Does Wee Care stain teeth?

No, Wee Care does not stain teeth.

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