The Test Pack (Pregnancy & ovulation tests)

You save: $-25.99 USD (100%)

The Test Pack (Pregnancy & ovulation tests)

You save: $-25.99 USD (100%)
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Get the answers you need, right when you need them.

If you are trying to get pregnant or just want a better understanding of your cycle - the Bump DHA at home Test Pack is right for you!

The Test Pack includes 3 Pregnancy Tests and 7 Ovulation Tests. With step by step instructions, the Test Pack is easy to ease and is conveniently shipped right to your doorstep!

  • 3 Pregnancy Tests
  • 7 Ovulation Tests
  • Jargon-free instructions
  • 99% accuracy
  • Results in just 3 minutes!

    Bump DHA is like a prenatal vitamin on steroids. I love this product and have recommended it to other moms looking to get pregnant!


    Even though it ended up being a chemical pregnancy, I still had my first pregnancy in 3 years of trying thanks to the help of Bump DHA. I am so grateful that a company makes it possible for dreams to come true. I know that because of them I will have children one day. 

    - Rachel

    I have continued taking it through nursing, weaning, and continued since postpartum because your product works so wonderful for me and boosting my energy.

    - Ashley

    I have been so thankful for your product for almost the past 2 years now. I have MTFHR and the Bump DHA did wonders through my last pregnancy and gave me energy I never saw in any of my other pregnancies.

    - Ashley

     I am so glad I was given Bump DHA! My baby boy might not be alive today if it wasn't for this vitamin! After 6 miscarriages I was able to have 2 healthy babies with the help of BUMP!!! I am forever grateful!

    - Stacy

    Bump DHA is a new resource that is very important. I have found that patients tolerate it well and it a great addition that will greatly benefit our patients.

    - Richard Rushing, MD

    I love Bump DHA! I took it during my last two pregnancies and wish I would've known about Bump DHA for my first pregnancy!

    - Amy

    Great vitamins! Easy to swallow and no taste! I use it along with chemotherapy drugs because I need the folate. I am also a doula and highly recommend these for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. It's the only supplement you'll need. I texted the word BUMP to 474747 and ordered easily.

    - Elisha

    I love my BUMP prenatal vitamins! I take them along with other herbs and I definitely think they are very helpful especially building a healthy immune and restoring my ovarian reserve..Lord willing I can conceive soon because its almost been a year that I've been on them.

    - Ravin

    It has been sooo easy not having to remember to go out and buy it and forget and get behind haha. I never experienced any sickness after taking the pill and my doctor has said everything looks perfect for us. I am very happy and satisfied.

    - Jackie

    Yes, I love them! I took Bump DHA throughout my entire pregnancy!

    - Lydia